Core Jini

By: Edwards, W. Keith

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Core Jini by Edwards, W. Keith
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Prentice Hall PTR 2001. 8vo softcover 962pp index, b/w illus. very good. ReviewnNewly enhanced with the latest standards from Sun Microsystems, Core Jini, Second Edition provides an in-depth and authoritative resource for building state-of-the-art distributed systems based on Jini 1.1. Aimed at the experienced Java developer seeking to apply this technology in the field, this book mixes a high-level guide describing what Jini is and how it works with plenty of practical code examples to help get you started.nnThe first part of Core Jini describes what Jini is, including its design philosophy and how it provides robust distributed systems for devices like printers, scanners, and digital cameras. Suitably upbeat about Jini's prospects in the marketplace, the author delivers an insider's perspective on how Jini solves many of the problems found in earlier distributed computing. The first hundred pages will help anyone understand Jini, and they are especially ideal for programmers (or managers) who want to see what this standard is all about.nnThe rest of the text (over 800 pages) provides a practical tutorial that puts Jini to work, starting with a "Hello, World" example. Subsequent chapters cover essential areas of Jini functionality, like discovery, leasing, and the join protocol. Besides providing actual source code, the book does a good job of showing you how to compile and run each example program. (This information is particularly necessary with Jini, where, even for testing, programs run in separate pieces in a small distributed system.)tCore Jini teaches you the most common programming strategies for Jini (relying on higher-level APIs and built-in features), and also shows the lower-level APIs in separate sections for the more advanced reader who wants to know more. nnArmed with this new edition, any Java developer can learn to take advantage of this late-breaking technology from Sun. All in all, this title is a comprehensive and well-presented tutorial for an exciting new standard that will allow future consumer and computing devices to communicate using Java. --Richard DragannnTopics covered: nnOverview, history, and design philosophy of Jini 1.1 nDistributing computing essentials nInstalling and running Jini nClassical network vs. distributed systems nAdvantages of Java and Jini for distributed computing nJini services nA "Hello, World" example for Jini (including basic events and leasing) nJini discovery (including basics, IP multicasting, and discovery protocols) nSearching and matching services with attributes and templates (plus JavaBeans) nThe join protocol nLow-level service interfaces (also search APIs, events, lookup services, and federating services) nUsing the ServiceDirectoryManager nSample code for a Jini Lookup Service Browser nLeasing (including lease negotiation and remote leasing APIs) nLeased resources and the Landlord paradigm nResponsibilities of well-behaved Jini services nSample code for a complete Jini print service nRemote events (local vs. remote events, the Jini event programming model, heartbeat events, and event delegates) nStoring objects with JavaSpaces nDistributed transactions (including transaction managers and two-phase commits) nJini utility services and classes nA primer for Remote Method Invocation (RMI)nnnnProduct Descriptionn(Pearson Education. Sun Microsystems Press) Offers a complete tutorial in the revolutionary device, Jini, which facilitates networking between devices from kitchen appliances to enterprise servers. Shows how to master Jini's architectural mode, implement discovery, integrate Jini with other technologies, and more. Softcover. .

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