Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide

By: Hobson, Jeremy

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Books ordered may be returned for a full refund if they are not as described. Delivery is guaranteed - or your money back.

Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide by Hobson, Jeremy
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David & Charles April 5, 2007. 8vo softcover 160pp very good. Glossary and Index. Once you've decided which chickens you'd like to keep, how do you go about caring for them? Poultry keepers Hobson and Lewis have produced a nice introduction to backyard chicken keeping. In 11 chapters they consider all aspects of chicken care and maintenance. The authors first look at understanding chickens and what to consider before adding them to the family, followed by choosing a breed (with breed descriptions) and obtaining stock. Chicken care is covered in a chapter on housing and cleaning and one on how to feed your new acquisitions. All you ever wanted to know about eggs, breeding information, and health care fill a section each, with egg crafts and egg recipes completing the text. Delightfully illustrated with pastoral photographs of contented chickens and lovely small watercolors Raising chickens as pets is a fashionable--and increasingly popular--hobby Colorful, lively characters, chickens have become the hottest new garden accessory. This book shows enthusiasts exactly how to care for these endearing pets. The book covers everything from choosing the right breed to feeding and housing. In addition, there are fun sections on egg recipes, feather-and-egg craft projects and even a look at how chickens interact with children and other pets. From buying their first chicken to cooking with truly fresh eggs, readers will find advice and counsel for every step along the way! .

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