World War Two Military Vehicles - Transports & Halftracks

By: Ware, Pat

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World War Two Military Vehicles - Transports & Halftracks by Ware, Pat
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Hersham Surrey United Kingdom: Ian Allan, 2007. 208 pagesprof ill b/w photos colour photos - The first comprehensive study of World War 2 soft skinned military vehicles for many years Although tanks and armoured cars were perhaps the most potent elements of land armies in the period after World War 1, they represented but a fraction of the military vehicles used by combatants. Whilst armoured vehicles and tanks were at the undoubted cutting edge of the German Blitzkrieg offensives in 1939 and 1940, and subsequent campaigns, without vast numbers of ancillary vehicles to move stores, munitions and the infantrymen, who fought beside the armoured forces and secured the ground the tanks won, the armoured forces would have been hugely exposed to counter-attack or ground to a halt through lack of supplies. It is a truism of war that an army marches on its stomach and the vital role of lorries and other forms of transport cannot be overstated in terms of warfare. In North Africa, for example the stretched and highly exposed supply lines of the Afrika Korps represented a weakness that the British were able to exploit during and after the crucial battle of El-Alamein. Although, increasingly, as World War 2 progressed, military transport, particularly on the Allied side was almost exclusively motor-powered, it is easy to forget that earlier in the war, horse-drawn vehicles were still common. In World War Two Military Vehicles Pat Ware provides a comprehensive illustrated account of the development of military transport during the period from 1939 to 1945. Covering both Allied and Axis equipment, the book is a superbly illustrated and detailed study into an aspect of military history that has often been ignored by researchers and writers who have concentrated solely on the armoured vehicles which led the attack. Incorporating some 220 images, both colour and monochrome, including specially prepared artworks, the book is an essential work of reference for all military historians of World War 2. . First Edition. Hard Cover. New/No Jacket.

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