By: Larrabee Harald A

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William Kimber, London. 1965. After the battle of the Chesapeake, Lord Cornwallis capitulated to Washington's army and the Revolution was brought to a successful close. Mr. Larrabee's excellent book describes with precision a naval battle which he calls 'the one decisive engagement of the bitter six-year struggle of the thirteen colonies against England', with the added excitement that it was a battle which might have gone either way'. Lord George Germain, of whom nothing better can he said than that he 'was capable of hard work when the mood struck him', Lord Sandwich, a fearful row of admiral's - Rodney, Graves, Hood, Arbuthnot - and a dire general or two, on one side: La Fayette, Rochambeau, de Grasse and Washington on the other. The roles of France and Spain are clarified. And then Mr. Larrabee narrows his vision towards its dramatic climax: the battle off the capes of Virginia. 256pp. Illustrated with battle plans and portraits of the main characters. Mylar protected dust jacket over green cloth covered end boards. Good condition. 256pp. 240 x 160 mm

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