By: Kemp, Peter

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Arthur Barker Limited, London. 1969. Britain has been a maritime power since the Navy of Queen Elizabeth I defeated in battle the 'Invincible Armada' of Spain in 1588. But she had had a navy for far longer than that, and one can trace back the first stirring in the national consciousness of what the sea would mean to Britain some hundreds of years before the Spanish ships sailed into the English Channel to meet their deaths at the hands of Drake and Hawkins, Frobisher and Howard of Effingham.But fighting Britain's sea battles is only a part of its story. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries the British Navy was in the forefront of world exploration, opening up the oceans through the voyages of discovery of such men as Cabot and Gilbert, Cook, Vancouver, and Flinders. Seven authors, all of them naval historians of note, have contributed to this new illustrated work of history.Each has taken a subject or a period on which he is an acknowledged authority, based on prolonged research among the original records. Between them they trace the whole of Britain's naval story from the earliest beginnings of Britain's sea power down to the Royal Navy of today. Illustrated with 16 pages of colour and about 200 black and white photograph and maps. 304pp. 284 x 215 mm

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