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Anon. A scrap book of Newspaper Cuttings; Original Photographs & some postcards. Newspaper cutting describing :- The activities of HMS Formidable. Including participation with Task Force 38, under Vice Admiral Vian. HM Aircraft Carriers Implacable and Formidable escorted by HM Destroyers Grenville, Urchin, Undine. The Fleet returned after the final assault on Japan August 1945. Many of the RN sailors are granted leave to stay in Sydney. Formidable returned to repatriate Australian P.O.W.s from the East. The POW were ably assisted by young girls from the Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.). December 1945 1,495 Diggers from Tarakan Camp Borneo were picked up by landing craft and transported to HMS Formidable for repatriation. The journey home called in at Cape Town. Original (Box Brownie) photographs 96 x 120 mm - (1) Vice Admiral Sir Philip Vian talking to the Sailors from his Flag ship. (2) Captain Buck Keene Reading the Lesson on the Flight Deck (3) Fleet Chaplain Reverend Trainer conducting the Service on the Flight deck (4) Norway June 1944 Planes being prepaired (5) Lifting a crashed plane out of the way - off Norway 1944 (6) Full compliment of aircraft wings folded - off Norway 1944. (7) Port Suez February 1945 HMS Formidable enters the Suez Canal (8) February 1945 HMS Formidable sailing through the Suez Canal (9) Aircraft from HMS Formidable strike Ishigaka May 1st 1944 (10) Aircraft from HMS Formidable bombing Japan 1944 - Kamaishi (11) Aircraft from HMS Formidable strike Hitachi Industrial Area; (12) Aircraft from HMS Formidable strike Japanese ships in a Harbour June -Aug 44' (13) Aircraft return too the Fleet; (14 & 19 ) March past Sydney Aug 31st 1945. (20 -21) HMS Formidable crossing the line' Freemantle Feb 1945 (22-26) Vad's HMS Formidable crossing the line' Freemantle Feb 1945 (27-30) Ausie P.O.W.'s Manilla to Sydney (31) Regimental Life band on Deck Bombay. (32) Loading Trucks from Ballard Pier Bombay (33) Prince of Wales Hotel Bombay; (34) Gateway to India; (35) "Richilieu in Singapore (36) Singapore; (37-38) HMS Formidable Capt CVook Dock Sydney; 11 post cards Capetown; 8 picture cards Bombay; 12 large format 150 x 190 b&w photographs - (1) General McArthur looks over Admiral 'Bull Halsey' signing the terms of surrender. (2) The Fleet departs apan; (3) Aircraft Attacking Japan; ( 4-5) HMS Formidable on fire at sea 5th May 1945 (6) Direct Hit Kamikazi Hits the Bridge of HMS Formidable 5th May 1945 (7) Capetown Jan 1946 (8) Off loading Troops Raboal (9) HMS Formidable at Raboal (10) On Parade Capetown (11) Troops exercise on the deck of HMS Formidable; The Jack flys over the stern in Sydney Harbour.

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