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NYT Best Sellers for Week Ending 21/01/1962

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Category Rank Title Author Info
Fiction 1 FRANNY AND ZOOEY J.D. Salinger  author info
Fiction 2 THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY Irving Stone  author info
Fiction 3 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Harper Lee  author info
Fiction 4 LITTLE ME Patrick Dennis  author info
Fiction 5 SPIRIT LAKE MacKinlay Kantor  author info
Fiction 6 DAUGHTER OF SILENCE Morris L. West  author info
Fiction 7 A PROLOGUE TO LOVE Taylor Caldwell  author info
Fiction 8 CHAIRMAN OF THE BORED Edward Streeter  author info
Fiction 9 THE CARPETBAGGERS Harold Robbins  author info
Fiction 10 THE IVY TREE Mary Stewart  author info
Fiction 11 THE JUDAS TREE A.J. Cronin  author info
Fiction 12 THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY Sheila Burnford  author info
Fiction 13 CLOCK WITHOUT HANDS Carson McCullers  author info
Fiction 14 I MET A LADY Howard Spring  author info
Fiction 15 THE LATTIMER LEGEND Ann Hellesbusch Hebson  author info
Fiction 16 MILA 18 Leon Uris  author info
Non-Fiction 1 MY LIFE IN COURT Louis Nizer  author info
Non-Fiction 2 THE MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 1960 Theodore H. White  author info
Non-Fiction 3 LIVING FREE Joy Adamson  author info
Non-Fiction 4 THE RISE AND FALL OF THE THIRD REICH William L. Shirer  author info
Non-Fiction 5 A NATION OF SHEEP William J. Lederer  author info
Non-Fiction 7 CALORIES DON'T COUNT Herman Taller  author info
Non-Fiction 8 MY SABER IS BENT Jack Paar  author info
Non-Fiction 9 THE COMING FURY Bruce Catton  author info
Non-Fiction 10 I SHOULD HAVE KISSED HER MORE Alexander King  author info
Non-Fiction 11 CITIZEN HEARST W.A. Swanberg  author info
Non-Fiction 12 PT 109 Robert J. Donovan  author info
Non-Fiction 13 PICASSO'S PICASSOS David Douglas Duncan  author info
Non-Fiction 14 RING OF BRIGHT WATER Gavin Maxwell  author info
Non-Fiction 15 THE BLUE OF CAPRICORN Eugene Burdick  author info
Non-Fiction 16 BEFORE I SLEEP James Monahan  author info
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